Title 49

SECTION 299.427

299.427 Emergency egress windows.

§ 299.427 Emergency egress windows.

(a) Number and location. Each unit in a trainset shall have a minimum of four emergency egress windows. At least one emergency egress window shall be located in each side of each end (half) of the car, in a staggered configuration where practicable. (See Figure 1 to this paragraph.)

(b) Ease of operability. Each emergency egress window shall be designed to permit rapid and easy removal from the inside of the car during an emergency situation using a hammer designed to break the glazing that shall be located adjacent to each emergency egress window. The railroad shall inspect for the presence of the emergency hammers each day prior to the trainset being placed into service in accordance with § 299.711(b).

(c) Dimensions. Except as provided in paragraph (f) of this section, each emergency egress window in a passenger car shall have an unobstructed opening with minimum dimensions of 660 mm (26 inches) horizontally by 610 mm (24 inches) vertically. A seatback is not an obstruction if it can be moved away from the window opening without using a tool or other implement.

(d) Marking and instructions. (1) Each emergency egress window shall be conspicuously and legibly marked with luminescent material on the inside of each car to facilitate passenger egress as specified in § 299.423.

(2) Legible and understandable operating instructions, including instructions for removing the emergency egress window shall be made of luminescent material, shall be posted at or near each such emergency egress window as specified in § 299.423.

(e) Obstructions. If emergency egress window removal may be hindered by the presence of a seatback, headrest, luggage rack, or other fixture, the instructions shall state the method for allowing rapid and easy removal of the emergency egress window, taking into account the fixture(s), and this portion of the instructions may be in written or pictorial format.

(f) Additional emergency egress windows. Any emergency egress window in addition to the minimum number required by paragraph (a) of this section that has been designated for use by the railroad need not comply with the minimum dimension requirements in paragraph (c) of this section, but must otherwise comply with all requirements in this subpart applicable to emergency egress windows.