Title 49

SECTION 299.405

299.405 Trainset interiors.

§ 299.405 Trainset interiors.

(a) Interior fittings. Interior fittings of trainsets shall be -

(1) Securely attached and designed to operate without failure under the conditions typically found in passenger rail equipment including expected mechanical vibrations, and shock.

(2) To the extent possible, all interior fittings shall be recessed or flush mounted. Corners and/or sharp edges shall be either avoided or padded to mitigate the consequence of impact with such surfaces.

(b) Luggage stowage. (1) Luggage stowage racks shall slope downward in the outboard direction at a minimum ratio of 1:8 with respect to a horizontal plane to provide lateral restraint for stowed articles.

(2) Luggage stowage compartments shall provide longitudinal restraint for stowed articles.