Title 49

SECTION 228.333

228.333 Remedial action.

§ 228.333 Remedial action.

A railroad shall, within 24 hours after receiving a good faith notice from a camp car occupant or an employee labor organization representing camp car occupants or notice from a Federal Railroad Administration inspector, including a certified State inspector under part 212 of this chapter, of noncompliance with this subpart, correct each non-complying condition on the camp car or cease use of the camp car as sleeping quarters for each occupant. In the event that such a condition affects the safety or health of an occupant, such as, but not limited to, water, cooling, heating, or eating facilities, sanitation issues related to food storage, food handling or sewage disposal, vermin or pest infestation, or electrical hazards, the railroad must immediately upon notice provide alternative arrangements for housing and providing food to the employee or MOW worker until the condition adverse to the safety or health of the occupant(s) is corrected.