Title 49

SECTION 228.321

228.321 Showering facilities.

§ 228.321 Showering facilities.

(a) Number. Each individual camp car that provides sleeping facilities must contain a minimum of one shower for a total of one or two occupants and an additional functional shower if the camp car contains a total of three or four occupants.

(b) Floors. (1) Shower floors must be constructed of non-slippery materials;

(2) Floor drains must be provided in all shower baths and shower rooms to remove waste water and facilitate cleaning;

(3) All junctions of the curbing and the floor must be sealed; and

(4) There shall be no fixed grate or other instrument on the shower floor significantly hindering the cleaning of the shower floor or drain.

(c) Walls and partitions. The walls and partitions of a shower room must be smooth and impervious to the height of splash.

(d) Water. An adequate supply of hot and cold running potable water must be provided for showering purposes. The water supplied to a shower must be from a potable water source supplied through a system maintained as required in § 228.323.

(e) Showering necessities. (1) Unless otherwise provided by a collective bargaining agreement, body soap or other appropriate cleansing agent convenient to the showers must be provided.

(2) Showers must be provided with hot and cold water feeding a common discharge line.

(3) Unless otherwise provided by a collective bargaining agreement, each occupant who uses a shower must be provided with an individual clean towel.