Title 49

SECTION 228.205

228.205 Access to electronic records.

§ 228.205 Access to electronic records.

(a) FRA inspectors and State inspectors participating under 49 CFR Part 212 must have access to hours of service records created and maintained electronically that is obtained as required by § 228.9(b)(4).

(b) Railroads must establish and comply with procedures for providing an FRA inspector or participating State inspector with an identification number and temporary password for access to the system upon request, which access will be valid for a period not to exceed seven days. Access to the system must be provided as soon as possible and no later than 24 hours after a request for access.

(c) The inspection screen provided to FRA inspectors and participating State inspectors for searching employee hours of duty records must be formatted so that -

(1) Each data field entered by an employee on the input screen is visible to the FRA inspector or participating State inspector; and

(2) The data fields are searchable as described in § 228.203(d) and yield access to all records matching criteria specified in a search.

(3) Records are displayed in a manner that is both crew-based and duty tour oriented, so that the data pertaining to all employees who worked together as part of a crew or signal gang will be displayed together, and the record will include all of the assignments and activities of a given duty tour that are required to be recorded by this part.