Title 49

SECTION 228.17

228.17 Dispatcher's record of train movements.

§ 228.17 Dispatcher's record of train movements.

(a) Each carrier shall keep, for each dispatching district, a record of train movements made under the direction and control of a dispatcher who uses telegraph, telephone, radio, or any other electrical or mechanical device to dispatch, report, transmit, receive, or deliver orders pertaining to train movements. The following information shall be included in the record:

(1) Identification of timetable in effect.

(2) Location and date.

(3) Identification of dispatchers and their times on duty.

(4) Weather conditions at 6-hour intervals.

(5) Identification of enginemen and conductors and their times on duty.

(6) Identification of trains and engines.

(7) Station names and office designations.

(8) Distances between stations.

(9) Direction of movement and the time each train passes all reporting stations.

(10) Arrival and departure times of trains at all reporting stations.

(11) Unusual events affecting movement of trains and identification of trains affected.

(b) [Reserved]