Title 49

SECTION 228.107

228.107 Action on petition.

§ 228.107 Action on petition.

(a) Each petition for approval filed under § 228.103 is referred to the Railroad Safety Board for action in accordance with the provisions of part 211, title 49, CFR, concerning the processing of requests for special approvals.

(b) In considering a petition for approval filed under this subpart, the Railroad Safety Board evaluates the material factors bearing on -

(1) The safety of employees utilizing the proposed facility in the event of a hazardous materials accident/incident and in light of other relevant safety factors; and

(2) Interior noise levels in the facility.

(c) The Railroad Safety Board will not approve an application submitted under this subpart if it appears from the available information that the proposed sleeping quarters will be so situated and constructed as to permit interior noise levels due to noise under the control of the railroad to exceed an Leq(8) value of 55dB(A). If individual air conditioning and heating systems are to be utilized, projections may relate to noise levels with such units turned off.

(d) Approval of a petition filed under this subpart may be withdrawn or modified at any time if it is ascertained, after opportunity for a hearing, that any representation of fact or intent made by a carrier in materials submitted in support of a petition was not accurate or truthful at the time such representation was made.