Title 49

SECTION 218.73

218.73 Warning signal display.

§ 218.73 Warning signal display.

(a) Warning signals, i.e., a white disk with the words “Occupied Camp Car” in black lettering during daylight hours and an illuminated white signal at night, displayed in accordance with § 218.75, § 218.77, or § 218.79 signify that employees are in, around, or in the vicinity of camp cars. Once the signals have been displayed -

(1) The camp cars may not be moved for coupling to other rolling equipment or moved to another location;

(2) Rolling equipment may not be placed on the same track so as to reduce or block the view of a warning signal; and

(3) Rolling equipment may not pass a warning signal.

(b) Warning signals indicating the presence of occupied camp cars, displayed in accordance with §§ 218.75 and 218.79, shall be displayed by a designated occupant of the camp cars or that person's immediate supervisor. The signal(s) shall be displayed as soon as such cars are placed on the track, and such signals may only be removed by those same individuals prior to the time the cars are moved to another location.