Title 49

SECTION 213.59

213.59 Elevation of curved track; runoff.

§ 213.59 Elevation of curved track; runoff.

(a) If a curve is elevated, the full elevation shall be provided throughout the curve, unless physical conditions do not permit. If elevation runoff occurs in a curve, the actual minimum elevation shall be used in computing the maximum allowable posted timetable operating speed for that curve under § 213.57(b).

(b) Elevation runoff shall be at a uniform rate, within the limits of track surface deviation prescribed in § 213.63, and it shall extend at least the full length of the spirals. If physical conditions do not permit a spiral long enough to accommodate the minimum length of runoff, part of the runoff may be on tangent track.

[63 FR 34029, June 22, 1998, as amended at 78 FR 16101, Mar. 13, 2013]