Title 49

SECTION 213.133

213.133 Turnouts and track crossings generally.

§ 213.133 Turnouts and track crossings generally.

(a) In turnouts and track crossings, the fastenings shall be intact and maintained so as to keep the components securely in place. Also, each switch, frog, and guard rail shall be kept free of obstructions that may interfere with the passage of wheels.

(b) Classes 3 through 5 track shall be equipped with rail anchoring through and on each side of track crossings and turnouts, to restrain rail movement affecting the position of switch points and frogs. For Class 3 track, this paragraph (b) is applicable September 21, 1999.)

(c) Each flangeway at turnouts and track crossings shall be at least 1 1/2 inches wide.