Title 49


207.4 Notice to State officials.

§ 207.4 Notice to State officials.

(a) After the designated railroad police officer is commissioned by a state or states, the railroad shall send, by certified mail, written notice to appropriate officials of every other state in which the railroad police officer shall protect the railroad's property, personnel, passengers, and cargo. The notice of commission shall contain the following information:

(1) The name of the railroad police officer;

(2) The badge number, identification number, rank, code, or other identifying information assigned to the railroad police officer;

(3) The date of commission;

(4) The state or states where the railroad police officer is commissioned;

(5) The date the railroad police officer received training or retraining regarding the laws of such state or states;

(6) The name of the railroad official who designated the employee as a railroad police officer; and

(7) Color photographs of the types of badges, identification cards, and other identifying materials the railroad uses to identify its railroad police officers.

(b) The railroad shall keep copies of all such notices at a central location.

(c) The authority set forth in § 207.5 shall be effective upon receipt by such state(s) of written notice conforming to the requirements of this section.