Title 49

SECTION 180.603

180.603 Qualification of portable tanks.

§ 180.603 Qualification of portable tanks.

(a) Each portable tank used for the transportation of hazardous materials must be an authorized packaging.

(b) To qualify as an authorized packaging, each portable tank must conform to the requirements of this subchapter and the applicable design specification to which the portable tank was constructed.

(c) The following portable tanks are authorized for use provided they conform to all applicable safety requirements of this subchapter: 51, 56, 57, 60, IM 101, IM 102 and UN portable tanks.

(d) A portable tank that also meets the definition of “container” in 49 CFR 450.3(a)(3) must conform to the requirements in parts 450 through 453 of this title for compliance with Annex II of the Convention for Safe Containers (CSC).

(e) Exemption portable tanks based on DOT 51 portable tanks. The owner of a portable tank constructed in accordance with and used under an exemption issued prior to August 31, 1996, which was in conformance with the requirements for Specification DOT 51 portable tanks with the exception of the location of fill and discharge outlets, shall examine the portable tank and its design to determine if it meets the outlet requirements in effect on October 1, 1996. If the owner determines that the portable tank is in compliance with all requirements of the DOT 51 specification, the exemption number stenciled on the portable tank shall be removed and the specification plate (or a plate placed adjacent to the specification plate) shall be durably marked “DOT 51-E*****” (where ***** is to be replaced by the exemption number). During the period the portable tank is in service, and for one year thereafter, the owner of the portable tank must retain on file, at its principal place of business, a copy of the last exemption in effect.