Title 49

SECTION 180.507

180.507 Qualification of tank cars.

§ 180.507 Qualification of tank cars.

(a) Each tank car marked as meeting a “DOT” specification or any other tank car used for the transportation of a hazardous material must meet the requirements of this subchapter or the applicable specification to which the tank was constructed.

(b) Tank car specifications no longer authorized for construction. (1) Tank cars prescribed in the following table are authorized for service provided they conform to all applicable safety requirements of this subchapter:

Specification prescribed in the current regulations Other specifications permitted Notes
105A200W 105A100W 1
105A200ALW 105A100ALW 1
105A300W ICC-105, 105A300
105A400W 105A400
105A500W 105A500
105A600W 105A600
106A500X ICC-27, BE-27, 106A500
106A800X 106A800
107A * * * * 2

Note 1: Tanks built as Specification DOT 105A100W or DOT 105A100ALW may be altered and converted to DOT 105A200W and DOT 105A200ALW, respectively.

Note 2: The test pressures of tanks built in the United States between January 1, 1941 and December 31, 1955, may be increased to conform to Specification 107A. Original and revised test pressure markings must be indicated and may be shown on the tank or on a plate attached to the bulkhead of the car. Tanks built before 1941 are not authorized.

(2) [Reserved]

(3) Specification DOT-113A175W, DOT-113C60W, DOT-113D60W, and DOT-113D120W tank cars may continue in use, but new construction is not authorized.

(4) Class DOT 105A and 105S tank cars used to transport hydrogen chloride, refrigerated liquid under the terms of DOT-E 3992 may continue in service, but new construction is not authorized.

(5) Specification DOT-103A-ALW, 103AW, 103ALW, 103ANW, 103BW, 103CW, 103DW, 103EW, and 104W tank cars may continue in use, but new construction is not authorized.

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