Title 49

SECTION 180.217

180.217 Requalification requirements for MEGCs.

§ 180.217 Requalification requirements for MEGCs.

(a) Periodic inspections. Each MEGC must be given an initial visual inspection and test in accordance with § 178.75(i) of this subchapter before being put into service for the first time. After the initial inspection, a MEGC must be inspected at least once every five years in accordance with this subpart or by a facility registered by Transport Canada in accordance with the Transport Canada TDG Regulations (IBR, see § 171.7 of this subchapter).

(b) Exceptional inspection and test. If a MEGC shows evidence of damaged or corroded areas, leakage, or other conditions that indicate a deficiency that could affect the integrity of the MEGC, an exceptional inspection and test must be performed, regardless of the last periodic inspection and test. The extent of the exceptional inspection and test will depend on the amount of damage or deterioration of the MEGC. As a minimum, an exceptional inspection of a MEGC must include inspection as specified in paragraph (a)(1) of this section.

(c) Correction of unsafe condition. When evidence of any unsafe condition is discovered, the MEGC may not be returned to service until the unsafe condition has been corrected and the MEGC has been requalified in accordance with the applicable tests and inspection.

(d) Repairs and modifications to MEGCs. No person may perform a modification to an approved MEGC that may affect conformance to the applicable ISO standard or safe use, and that involve a change to the design type or affect its ability to retain the hazardous material in transportation. Before making any modification changes to an approved MEGC, the owner must obtain approval from the Associate Administrator as prescribed in § 178.74 of this subchapter. The repair of a MEGC's structural equipment is authorized provided such repairs are made in accordance with the requirements prescribed for its approved design and construction. Any repair to the pressure receptacles of a MEGC must meet the requirements of § 180.212.

(e) Requalification markings. Each MEGC must be durably and legibly marked in English, with the year and month, and the type of the most recent periodic requalification performed (e.g., 2004-05 AE/UE, where “AE” represents acoustic emission and “UE” represents ultrasonic examination) followed by the stamp of the approval agency who performed or witnessed the most recent test.

(f) Records. The owner of each MEGC or the owner's authorized agent must retain a written record of the date and results of all repairs and required inspections and tests. The report must contain the name and address of the person performing the inspection or test. The periodic test and inspection records must be retained until the next inspection or test is completed. Repair records and the initial exceptional inspection and test records must be retained during the period the MEGC is in service and for one year thereafter. These records must be made available for inspection by a representative of the Department on request.

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