Title 49

SECTION 179.300-19

179.300-19 Inspection.

§ 179.300-19 Inspection.

(a) Tank shall be inspected within the United States and Canada by a competent and impartial inspector as approved by the Associate Administrator of Safety, FRA. For tanks made outside the United States or Canada, the specified inspection shall be made within the United States.

(b) The inspector shall carefully inspect all plates from which tanks are to be made and secure records certifying that plates comply with the specification. Plates which do not comply with § 179.300-7 shall be rejected.

(c) The inspector shall make such inspection as may be necessary to see that all the requirements of this specification, including markings, are fully complied with; shall see that the finished tanks are properly stress relieved and tested.

(d) The inspector shall stamp his official mark on each accepted tank as required in § 179.300-18, and render the report required in § 179.300-20.

[29 FR 18995, Dec. 29, 1964, as amended at 72 FR 55696, Oct. 1, 2007]