Title 49

SECTION 179.300-16

179.300-16 Tests of tanks.

§ 179.300-16 Tests of tanks.

(a) After postweld heat treatment, tanks shall be subjected to hydrostatic expansion test in a water jacket, or by other approved methods. No tank shall have been subjected previously to internal pressure within 100 pounds of the test pressure. Each tank shall be tested to the pressure prescribed in § 179.301. Pressure shall be maintained for 30 seconds and sufficiently longer to insure complete expansion of tank. Pressure gage shall permit reading to accuracy of one percent. Expansion gage shall permit reading of total expansion to accuracy of one percent. Expansion shall be recorded in cubic cm.

(1) No leaks shall appear and permanent volumetric expansion shall not exceed 10 percent of total volumetric expansion at test pressure.

(2) [Reserved]

(b) After all fittings have been installed, each tank shall be subjected to interior air pressure test of at least 100 psig under conditions favorable to detection of any leakage. No leaks shall appear.

(c) Repairs of leaks detected in manufacture or in foregoing tests shall be made by the same process as employed in manufacture of tank. Caulking, soldering, or similar repairing is prohibited.

[29 FR 18995, Dec. 29, 1964. Redesignated at 32 FR 5606, Apr. 5, 1967, and amended by Amdt. 179-10, 36 FR 21355, Nov. 6, 1971; 66 FR 45390, Aug. 28, 2001]