Title 49

SECTION 179.300-12

179.300-12 Protection of fittings.

§ 179.300-12 Protection of fittings.

(a) Tanks shall be of such design as will afford maximum protection to any fittings or attachment to the head including the housing referred to in § 179.300-12(b). Tank ends shall slope or curve inward toward the axis so that the diameter at each end is at least 2 inches less than the maximum diameter.

(b) Loading and unloading valves shall be protected by a detachable protective housing of approved design which shall not project beyond the end of the tank and shall be securely fastened to the tank head. Pressure relief devices shall not be covered by the housing.

[29 FR 18995, Dec. 29, 1964, as amended at 68 FR 57634, Oct. 6, 2003]