Title 49

SECTION 179.24

179.24 Stamping.

§ 179.24 Stamping.

(a)(1) After July 25, 2012, to certify compliance with federal requirements, the tank manufacturer must install two identical permanent identification plates, one located on both inboard surfaces of the body bolsters of the tank car. One identification plate must be installed on the right side (AR) of the tank car, and the other must be installed on the back end left side (BL) body bolster webs so that each plate is readily accessible for inspection. The plates must be at least 3/32 inch thick and manufactured from corrosion resistant metal. When the tank jacket (flashing) covers the body bolster web and identification plates, additional identical plates must be installed on the AR and BL corners of the tank in a visible location. Tank cars built before July 25, 2012, may have the plate instead of or in addition to the stamping.

(2) Each plate must be stamped, embossed, or otherwise marked by an equally durable method in letters 3/16 inch high with the following information (parenthetical abbreviations may be used, and the AAR form reference is to the applicable provisions of the AAR Specifications for Tank Cars (IBR, see § 171.7 of this subchapter):

(i) Tank Manufacturer (Tank MFG): Full name of the car builder as shown on the certificate of construction (AAR form 4-2).

(ii) Tank Manufacturer's Serial Number (SERIAL NO): For the specific car.

(iii) AAR Number (AAR NO): The AAR number from line 3 of AAR Form 4-2.

(iv) Tank Specification (SPECIFICATION): The specification to which the tank was built from line 7 of AAR form 4-2.

(v) Tank Shell Material/Head Material (SHELL MATL/HEAD MATL): ASTM or AAR specification of the material used in the construction of the tank shell and heads from lines 15 and 16 of AAR Form 4-2. For Class DOT-113W, DOT-115W, AAR-204W, and AAR-206W, the materials used in the construction of the outer tank shell and heads must be listed. Only list the alloy (e.g., 5154) for aluminum tanks and the type (e.g., 304L or 316L) for stainless steel tanks.

(vi) Insulation Material (INSULATION MATL): Generic names of the first and second layer of any thermal protection/insulation material applied.

(vii) Insulation Thickness (INSULATION THICKNESS): In inches.

(viii) Underframe/Stub Sill Type (UF/SS DESIGN): The design from Line 32 of AAR Form 4-2.

(ix) Date of Manufacture (DATE OF MFR): The month and year of tank manufacture. If the underframe has a different built date than the tank, show both dates.

(3) When a modification to the tank changes any of the information shown in paragraph (a)(2) of this section, the car owner or the tank car facility making the modification must install an additional variable identification plate on the tank in accordance with paragraph (a)(1) of this section showing the following information:

(i) AAR Number (AAR NO): The AAR number from line 3 of AAR Form 4-2 for the alteration or conversion.

(ii) All items of paragraph (a)(2) of this section that were modified, followed by the month and year of modification.

(b) [Reserved].

[77 FR 37985, June 25, 2012, as amended at 81 FR 35545, June 2, 2016]