Title 49

SECTION 179.100-4

179.100-4 Insulation.

§ 179.100-4 Insulation.

(a) If insulation is applied, the tank shell and manway nozzle must be insulated with an approved material. The entire insulation must be covered with a metal jacket of a thickness not less than 11 gauge (0.1196 inch) nominal (Manufacturers' Standard Gauge) and flashed around all openings so as to be weather-tight. The exterior surface of a carbon steel tank, and the inside surface of a carbon steel jacket must be given a protective coating.

(b) If insulation is a specification requirement, it shall be of sufficient thickness so that the thermal conductance at 60 °F is not more than 0.075 Btu per hour, per square foot, per degree F temperature differential. If exterior heaters are attached to tank, the thickness of the insulation over each heater element may be reduced to one-half that required for the shell.

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