Title 49

SECTION 179.100-16

179.100-16 Attachments.

§ 179.100-16 Attachments.

(a) Reinforcing pads must be used between external brackets and shells if the attachment welds exceed 6 linear inches of 1/4-inch fillet or equivalent weld per bracket or bracket leg. When reinforcing pads are used, they must not be less than one-fourth inch in thickness, have each corner rounded to a 1-inch minimum radius, and be attached to the tank by continuous fillet welds except for venting provisions. The ultimate shear strength of the bracket-to-reinforcing pad weld must not exceed 85 percent of the ultimate shear strength of the reinforcing pad-to-tank weld.

(b) Attachments not otherwise specified shall be applied by approved means.

[29 FR 18995, Dec. 29, 1964. Redesignated at 32 FR 5606, Apr. 5, 1967, and amended by Amdt. 179-10, 36 FR 21346, Nov. 6, 1971]