Title 49

SECTION 1580.113

1580.113 Security training program general requirements.

§ 1580.113 Security training program general requirements.

(a) Security training program required. Each owner/operator identified in § 1580.101 of this part is required to adopt and carry out a security training program under this subpart.

(b) General requirements. The security training program must include the following information:

(1) Name of owner/operator.

(2) Name, title, telephone number, and email address of the primary individual to be contacted with regard to review of the security training program.

(3) Number, by specific job function category identified in Appendix B to this part, of security-sensitive employees trained or to be trained.

(4) Implementation schedule that identifies a specific date by which initial and recurrent security training required by § 1570.111 of this subchapter will be completed.

(5) Location where training program records will be maintained.

(6) Curriculum or lesson plan, including learning objectives and method of delivery (such as instructor-led or computer-based training) for each course used to meet the requirements of § 1580.115 of this part. TSA may request additional information regarding the curriculum during the review and approval process. If recurrent training under § 1570.111 of this subchapter is not the same as initial training, a curriculum or lesson plan for the recurrent training will need to be submitted and approved by TSA.

(7) Plan for ensuring supervision of untrained security-sensitive employees performing functions identified in Appendix B to this part.

(8) Plan for notifying employees of changes to security measures that could change information provided in previously provided training.

(9) Method(s) for evaluating the effectiveness of the security training program in each area required by § 1580.115 of this part.

(c) Relation to other training. (1) Training conducted by owner/operators to comply other requirements or standards, such as emergency preparedness training required by the Department of Transportation (DOT) (49 CFR part 239) or other training for communicating with emergency responders to arrange the evacuation of passengers, may be combined with and used to satisfy elements of the training requirements in this subpart.

(2) If the owner/operator submits a security training program that relies on pre-existing or previous training materials to meet the requirements of subpart B, the program submitted for approval must include an index, organized in the same sequence as the requirements in this subpart.

(d) Submission and implementation. The owner/operator must submit and implement the security training program in accordance with the schedules identified in §§ 1570.109 and 1570.111 of this subchapter.