Title 49

SECTION 1554.3

1554.3 TSA inspection authority.

§ 1554.3 TSA inspection authority.

(a) General. Each repair station must allow TSA and other authorized DHS officials, at any time and in a reasonable manner, without advance notice, to enter, conduct any audits, assessments, or inspections of any property, facilities, equipment, and operations; and to view, inspect, and copy records as necessary to carry out TSA's security-related statutory or regulatory authorities, including its authority to -

(1) Assess threats to transportation security;

(2) Enforce security-related regulations, directives, and requirements;

(3) Inspect, assess, and audit security facilities, equipment, and systems

(4) Ensure the adequacy of security measures;

(5) Verify the implementation of security measures;

(6) Review security plans; and

(7) Carry out such other duties, and exercise such other powers, relating to transportation security as the TSA Administrator considers appropriate, to the extent authorized by law.

(b) Evidence of compliance. At the request of TSA, each repair station must provide evidence of compliance with this part, including copies of records required by this part.

(1) All records required under this part must be provided in English upon TSA's request.

(2) All responses and submissions provided to TSA or its designee, pursuant to this part, must be in English, unless otherwise requested by TSA.

(c) Access to repair station. (1) TSA and DHS officials working with TSA may enter, and be present within any area without access media or identification media issued or approved by the repair station in order to inspect, assess, or perform any other such duties as TSA may direct.

(2) Repair stations may request TSA inspectors and DHS officials working with TSA to present their credentials for examination, but the credentials may not be photocopied or otherwise reproduced.