Title 49

SECTION 1554.203

1554.203 Immediate risk to security; revocation of certificate and review process.

§ 1554.203 Immediate risk to security; revocation of certificate and review process.

(a) Notice. The TSA designated official will determine whether any repair station poses an immediate risk to security. If such a determination is made, TSA will provide written notification of its determination to the repair station and to the FAA that the certificate must be revoked. The notification will include an explanation of the basis for the revocation. TSA does not include classified information or other information described in § 1554.205.

(b) Petition for reconsideration. The repair station may petition TSA to reconsider its determination by serving a petition for reconsideration no later than 20 calendar days after the repair station receives the notification. The repair station must serve the petition on the TSA designated official. Submission of a petition for reconsideration will not automatically stay the revocation. The repair station may request TSA to notify FAA to stay the revocation pending review of and decision on the petition. The petition must be in writing, in English, signed by the repair station operator or owner, and include -

(1) A statement that a review is requested; and

(2) A response to the determination of immediate risk to security, including any information TSA should consider in reviewing the basis for the determination.

(c) Review by the Administrator. The TSA designated official transmits the petition together with all relevant information to the Administrator for reconsideration. The Administrator will act on the petition within 15 calendar days of receipt by either directing the TSA designated official to notify FAA and the repair station that the determination is rescinded and the certificate may be reinstated or by affirming the determination. The decision by the Administrator constitutes a final agency order subject to judicial review in accordance with 49 U.S.C. 46110.

(d) Service of documents. Service may be accomplished by personal delivery, certified mail, or express courier. Documents served on a repair station will be served at its official place of business. Documents served on TSA must be served at the address contained in the written notice of revocation.

(1) A certificate of service may be attached to a document tendered for filing. A certificate of service must consist of a statement, dated and signed by the person filing the document, that the document was personally delivered, served by certified mail on a specific date, or served by express courier on a specific date.

(2) The date of service is -

(i) The date of personal delivery;

(ii) If served by certified mail, the mailing date shown on the certificate of service, the date shown on the postmark if there is no certificate of service, or other mailing date shown by other evidence if there is no certificate of service or postmark; or

(iii) If served by express courier, the service date shown on the certificate of service, or by other evidence if there is no certificate of service.

(e) Extension of time. TSA may grant an extension of time to the limits set forth in this section for good cause shown. A repair station must request an extension of time in writing, and TSA must receive it at least two days before the due date in order to be considered. TSA may grant itself an extension of time for good cause.