Title 49

SECTION 1550.5

1550.5 Operations using a sterile area.

§ 1550.5 Operations using a sterile area.

(a) Applicability of this section. This section applies to all aircraft operations in which passengers, crewmembers, or other individuals are enplaned from or deplaned into a sterile area, except for scheduled passenger operations, public charter passenger operations, and private charter passenger operations, that are in accordance with a security program issued under part 1544 or 1546 of this chapter.

(b) Procedures. Any person conducting an operation identified in paragraph (a) of this section must conduct a search of the aircraft before departure and must screen passengers, crewmembers, and other individuals and their accessible property (carry-on items) before boarding in accordance with security procedures approved by TSA.

(c) Sensitive security information. The security program procedures approved by TSA for operations specified in paragraph (a) of this section are sensitive security information. The operator must restrict the distribution, disclosure, and availability of information contained in the security procedures to persons with a need to know as described in part 1520 of this chapter.

(d) Compliance date. Persons conducting operations identified in paragraph (a) of this section must implement security procedures on October 6, 2001.

(e) Waivers. TSA may permit a person conducting an operation under this section to deviate from the provisions of this section if TSA finds that the operation can be conducted safely under the terms of the waiver.