Title 49

SECTION 1549.3

1549.3 TSA inspection authority.

§ 1549.3 TSA inspection authority.

(a) Each certified cargo screening facility must allow TSA, at any time or place, in a reasonable manner, without advance notice, to enter the facility and make any inspections or tests, including copying records, to -

(1) Determine compliance of a certified cargo screening facility, airport operator, foreign air carrier, indirect air carrier, or airport tenant with this chapter and 49 U.S.C. 114 and Subtitle VII, as amended; or

(2) Carry out TSA's statutory or regulatory authorities, including its authority to -

(i) Assess threats to transportation;

(ii) Enforce security-related regulations, directives, and requirements:

(iii) Inspect, maintain, and test the security of facilities, equipment, and systems;

(iv) Ensure the adequacy of security measures for the transportation of passengers and cargo;

(v) Oversee the implementation, and ensure the adequacy, of security measures at airports and other transportation facilities;

(vi) Review security plans; and

(vii) Carry out such other duties, and exercise such other powers, relating to transportation security as the Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for the TSA considers appropriate, to the extent authorized by law.

(b) At the request of TSA, each certified cargo screening facility must provide evidence of compliance with this chapter, including copying records.

(c) TSA and DHS officials working with TSA may conduct inspections under this section without access media or identification media issued or approved by a certified cargo screening facility or other person, except that the TSA and DHS officials will have identification media issued by TSA or DHS.