Title 49

SECTION 1549.105

1549.105 Recordkeeping.

§ 1549.105 Recordkeeping.

(a) Each certified cargo screening facility must maintain records demonstrating compliance with all statutes, regulations, directives, orders, and security programs that apply to operation as a certified cargo screening facility, including the records listed below, at the facility location or other location as approved by TSA:

(1) Records of all training and instructions given to each individual under § 1549.103. The CCSF must retain these records for 180 days after the individual is no longer employed by the certified cargo screening facility or is no longer acting as the facility's agent.

(2) Copies of all documents related to applications for, or renewals of, TSA certification to operate under part 1549.

(3) Documents establishing TSA's certification and renewal of certification as required by part 1549.

(4) Records demonstrating that each individual has complied with the security threat assessment provisions of § 1549.111.

(b) Unless otherwise stated, records must be retained until the next re-certification.

[74 FR 47706, Sept. 16, 2009, as amended at 76 FR 51868, Aug. 18, 2011]