Title 49

SECTION 1546.215

1546.215 Known shipper program.

§ 1546.215 Known shipper program.

This section applies to each foreign air carrier operating a program under § 1546.101(a) or (b).

(a) For cargo to be loaded on its aircraft in the United States, each foreign air carrier must have and carry out a known shipper program in accordance with its security program. The program must -

(1) Determine the shipper's validity and integrity as provided in the foreign air carrier's security program;

(2) Provide that the foreign air carrier will separate known shipper cargo from unknown shipper cargo; and

(3) Provide for the foreign air carrier to ensure that cargo is screened or inspected as set forth in its security program.

(b) When required by TSA, each foreign air carrier must submit in a form and manner acceptable to TSA -

(1) Information identified in its security program regarding an applicant to be a known shipper or a known shipper; and

(2) Corrections and updates to the information upon learning of a change to the information specified in paragraph (b)(1) of this section.

[71 FR 30512, May 26, 2006]