Title 49

SECTION 1546.103

1546.103 Form, content, and availability of security program.

§ 1546.103 Form, content, and availability of security program.

(a) General requirements. The security program must be:

(1) Acceptable to TSA. A foreign air carrier's security program is acceptable only if TSA finds that the security program provides a level of protection similar to the level of protection provided by U.S. aircraft operators serving the same airports. Foreign air carriers must employ procedures equivalent to those required of U.S. aircraft operators serving the same airport, if TSA determines that such procedures are necessary to provide a similar level of protection.

(2) In English unless TSA requests that the program be submitted in the official language of the foreign air carrier's country.

(b) Content of security program. Each security program required by § 1546.101(a), (b), (c), (e), or (f) must be designed to -

(1) Prevent or deter the carriage aboard airplanes of any unauthorized explosive, incendiary, or weapon on or about each individual's person or accessible property, except as provided in § 1546.201(d), through screening by weapon-detecting procedures or facilities;

(2) Prohibit unauthorized access to airplanes;

(3) Ensure that checked baggage is accepted by a responsible agent of the foreign air carrier; and

(4) Prevent cargo and checked baggage from being loaded aboard its airplanes unless handled in accordance with the foreign air carrier's security procedures.

(c) Law enforcement support. Each security program required by § 1546.101(d) must include the procedures used to comply with the applicable requirements of § 1546.209 regarding law enforcement officers.

(d) Availability. Each foreign air carrier required to adopt and use a security program under this part must -

(1) Restrict the distribution, disclosure, and availability of sensitive security information, as defined in part 1520 of this chapter, to persons with a need to know; and

(2) Refer requests for sensitive security information by other persons to TSA.

[67 FR 8377, Feb. 22, 2002, as amended at 71 FR 30512, May 26, 2006]