Title 49

SECTION 1542.3

1542.3 Airport security coordinator.

§ 1542.3 Airport security coordinator.

(a) Each airport operator must designate one or more Airport Security Coordinator(s) (ASC) in its security program.

(b) The airport operator must ensure that one or more ASCs:

(1) Serve as the airport operator's primary and immediate contact for security-related activities and communications with TSA. Any individual designated as an ASC may perform other duties in addition to those described in this paragraph (b).

(2) Is available to TSA on a 24-hour basis.

(3) Review with sufficient frequency all security-related functions to ensure that all are effective and in compliance with this part, its security program, and applicable Security Directives.

(4) Immediately initiate corrective action for any instance of non-compliance with this part, its security program, and applicable Security Directives.

(5) Review and control the results of employment history, verification, and criminal history records checks required under § 1542.209.

(6) Serve as the contact to receive notification from individuals applying for unescorted access of their intent to seek correction of their criminal history record with the FBI.

(c) After July 17, 2003, no airport operator may use, nor may it designate any person as, an ASC unless that individual has completed subject matter training, as specified in its security program, to prepare the individual to assume the duties of the position. The airport operator must maintain ASC training documentation until at least 180 days after the withdrawal of an individual's designation as an ASC.

(d) An individual's satisfactory completion of initial ASC training required under paragraph (c) of this section satisfies that requirement for all future ASC designations for that individual, except for site specific information, unless there has been a two or more year break in service as an active and designated ASC.