Title 49

SECTION 1503.603

1503.603 Separation of functions.

§ 1503.603 Separation of functions.

(a) Civil penalty proceedings, including hearings, will be prosecuted only by an agency attorney, except to the extent another agency official is permitted to issue and prosecute civil penalties under § 1503.421 of this part.

(b) An agency employee engaged in the performance of investigative or prosecutorial functions in a civil penalty action must not, in that case or a factually related case, participate or give advice in a decision by the ALJ or by the TSA decision maker on appeal, except as counsel or a witness in the public proceedings.

(c) The Chief Counsel or an agency attorney not covered by paragraph (b) of this section will advise the TSA decision maker regarding an initial decision or any appeal of a civil penalty action to the TSA decision maker.