Title 49

SECTION 130.125

130.125 Notification procedures and contacts.

§ 130.125 Notification procedures and contacts.

(a) The railroad must develop and implement notification procedures that include all of the following:

(1) Procedures for immediate notification of the qualified individual or alternate and immediate communications between that individual, and the appropriate Federal official and the persons providing personnel and equipment;

(2) A checklist of the notifications required under the response plan, listed in the order of priority;

(3) The primary and secondary communication methods by which notifications can be made;

(4) The circumstances and necessary time frames under which the notifications must be made; and

(5) The information to be provided in the initial and each follow-up notification.

(b) The notification procedures must include the names of the following individuals or organizations, with the ten-digit telephone numbers at which they can be contacted on a 24-hour basis:

(1) The National Response Center (NRC);

(2) Qualified individual, or alternative;

(3) Federal, State, and local agencies that the railroad expects to have pollution control responsibilities or provide pollution control support; and

(4) Personnel or organizations to notify for the activation of equipment and personnel resources identified in § 130.130.