Title 49


Subpart B - Special Rules for Household Goods Brokers Source:75 FR 72996, Nov. 29, 2010, unless otherwise noted.

49: 371.101
   371.101 If I operate as a household goods broker in interstate or foreign commerce, must I comply with subpart B of this part
49: 371.103
   371.103 What are the definitions of terms used in this subpart
49: 371.105
   371.105 Must I use a motor carrier that has a valid U.S. DOT number and valid operating authority issued by FMCSA to transport household goods in interstate or foreign commerce
49: 371.107
   371.107 What information must I display in my advertisements and Internet Web homepage
49: 371.109
   371.109 Must I inform individual shippers which motor carriers I use
49: 371.111
   371.111 Must I provide individual shippers with Federal consumer protection information
49: 371.113
   371.113 May I provide individual shippers with a written estimate
49: 371.115
   371.115 Must I maintain agreements with motor carriers before providing written estimates on behalf of these carriers
49: 371.117
   371.117 Must I provide individual shippers with my policies concerning cancellation, deposits, and refunds
49: 371.121
   371.121 What penalties may FMCSA impose for violations of this part