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Appendix A to Part 299 - Criteria for Certification of Crashworthy Event Recorder Memory Module

49: : Appendix A

Appendix A to Part 299 - Criteria for Certification of Crashworthy Event Recorder Memory Module

Section 299.439(c) requires that trainsets be equipped with an event recorder that includes a certified crashworthy event recorder memory module. This appendix prescribes the requirements for certifying an event recorder memory module (ERMM) as crashworthy, including the performance criteria and test sequence for establishing the crashworthiness of the ERMM as well as the marking of the event recorder containing the crashworthy ERMM.

A. General Requirements

(a) Each manufacturer that represents its ERMM as crashworthy shall, by marking it as specified in section B of this appendix, certify that the ERMM meets the performance criteria contained in this appendix and that test verification data are available to the railroad or to FRA upon request.

(b) The test verification data shall contain, at a minimum, all pertinent original data logs and documentation that the test sample preparation, test set up, test measuring devices and test procedures were performed by designated, qualified individuals using recognized and acceptable practices. Test verification data shall be retained by the manufacturer or its successor as long as the specific model of ERMM remains in service on any trainset.

(c) A crashworthy ERMM shall be marked by its manufacturer as specified in section B of this appendix.

B. Marking Requirements

(a) The outer surface of the event recorder containing a certified crashworthy ERMM shall be colored international orange. In addition, the outer surface shall be inscribed, on the surface allowing the most visible area, in black letters on an international orange background, using the largest type size that can be accommodated, with the words “CERTIFIED DOT CRASHWORTHY”, followed by the ERMM model number (or other such designation), and the name of the manufacturer of the event recorder. This information may be displayed as follows:

CERTIFIED DOT CRASHWORTHY Event Recorder Memory Module Model Number Manufacturer's Name Marking “CERTIFIED DOT CRASHWORTHY” on an event recorder designed for installation in the railroad's trainsets is the certification that all performance criteria contained in this appendix have been met and all functions performed by, or on behalf of, the manufacturer whose name appears as part of the marking, conform to the requirements specified in this appendix.

(b) Retro-reflective material shall be applied to the edges of each visible external surface of an event recorder containing a certified crashworthy ERMM.

C. Performance Criteria for the ERMM

An ERMM is crashworthy if it has been successfully tested for survival under conditions of fire, impact shock, static crush, fluid immersion, and hydro-static pressure contained in one of the two tables shown in this section of appendix B. (See Tables 1 and 2.) Each ERMM must meet the individual performance criteria in the sequence established in section D of this appendix. A performance criterion is deemed to be met if, after undergoing a test established in this appendix B for that criterion, the ERMM has preserved all of the data stored in it. The data set stored in the ERMM to be tested shall include all the recording elements required by § 299.439(c). The following tables describe alternative performance criteria that may be used when testing an ERMM's crashworthiness. A manufacturer may utilize either table during its testing but may not combine the criteria contained in the two tables.

Table 1 to Appendix A of Part 299 - Acceptable Performance Criteria - Option A

Parameter Value Duration Remarks
Fire, High Temperature 750 °C (1400 °F) 60 minutes Heat source: Oven.
Fire, Low Temperature 260 °C (500 °F) 10 hours
Impact Shock 55g 100 ms 1/2 sine crash pulse.
Static Crush 110kN (25,000 lbf) 5 minutes
Fluid Immersion #1 Diesel, #2 Diesel, Water, Salt Water, Lube Oil Any single fluid, 48 hours
Fire Fighting Fluid 10 minutes, following immersion above Immersion followed by 48 hours in a dry location without further disturbance.
Hydrostatic Pressure Depth equivalent = 15 m. (50 ft.) 48 hours at nominal temperature of 25 °C (77 °F)