Title 47

SECTION 101.1325

101.1325 Construction requirements.

§ 101.1325 Construction requirements.

(a) Incumbent and site-based licenses are subject to the construction requirements set forth in § 101.63.

(b) Each MAS EA licensee must provide service to at least one-fifth of the population in its service area or “substantial service” within five years of the license grant. In addition, MAS EA licensees must make a showing of continued “substantial service” within ten years of the license grant. Licensees must file maps and other supporting documents showing compliance with the respective construction requirements within the appropriate five- and ten-year benchmarks of the date of their initial licenses.

(c) Failure by any licensee to meet these requirements will result in forfeiture or non-renewal of the initial license, and the licensee will be ineligible to regain it.

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