Title 46

SECTION 54.10-25

54.10-25 Manufacturers' data report forms (modifies UG-120).

§ 54.10-25 Manufacturers' data report forms (modifies UG-120).

(a) The Manufacturers' data report form, as provided by the Coast Guard, shall be completed in duplicate and certified by the manufacturer for each pressure vessel required to be shop inspected under these regulations. The original of this form shall be delivered to the Coast Guard inspector.

(b) Data forms for those parts of a pressure vessel requiring inspection, which are furnished by other than the shop of the manufacturer responsible for the completed unit, shall be executed in triplicate by the manufacturer of the parts. The original and one copy shall be delivered to the Coast Guard inspector who shall forward one copy of the report to the Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection, having cognizance over the final assembly. These partial data reports, together with the final inspection and tests, shall be the final Coast Guard inspector's authority to apply the Coast Guard symbol and number. A final data report shall be executed by the manufacturer or assembler who completes the final assembly and tests.

(c) If a pressure vessel is required to be inspected in accordance with § 54.10-3(c), the manufacturer's data reports required by UG-120 must be made available to the Coast Guard inspector for review prior to inspection of the pressure vessel.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 2130-0181) [CGFR 69-127, 35 FR 9977, June 17, 1970, as amended by CGD 77-147, 47 FR 21810, May 20, 1982]