Title 46

SECTION 32.90-1

32.90-1 Pilot boarding equipment.

§ 32.90-1 Pilot boarding equipment.

(a) This section applies to each vessel that normally embarks or disembarks a pilot from a pilot boat or other vessel.

(b) Each vessel must have suitable pilot boarding equipment available for use on each side of the vessel. If a vessel has only one set of equipment, the equipment must be capable of being easily transferred to and rigged for use on either side of the vessel.

(c) Pilot boarding equipment must be capable of resting firmly against the vessel's side and be secured so that it is clear from overboard discharges.

(d) Each vessel must have lighting positioned to provide adequate illumination for the pilot boarding equipment and each point of access.

(e) Each vessel must have a point of access that has:

(1) A gateway in the rails or bulwark with adequate handholds; or

(2) Two handhold stanchions and a bulwark ladder that is securely attached to the bulwark rail and deck.

(f) The pilot boarding equipment required by paragraph (b) of this section must include at least one pilot ladder approved under subpart 163.003 of this chapter. Each pilot ladder must be of a single length and capable of extending from the point of access to the water's edge during each condition of loading and trim, with an adverse list of 15°.

(g) Whenever the distance from the water's edge to the point of access is more than 30 feet, access from a pilot ladder to the vessel must be by way of an accommodation ladder or equally safe and convenient means.

(h) Pilot hoists, if used, must be approved under subpart 163.002 of this chapter.

[CGD 79-032, 49 FR 25455, June 21, 1984]