Title 46

SECTION 221.89

221.89 Hearing Officer's decision.

§ 221.89 Hearing Officer's decision.

(a) The Hearing Officer shall issue a written decision. Any decision to assess a penalty shall be based on substantial evidence in the record, and shall state the basis for the decision.

(b) If the Hearing Officer finds that there is not substantial evidence in the record establishing the alleged violation, the Hearing Officer shall dismiss the case. A dismissal is without prejudice to the Vessel Transfer Officer's right to refile the case if additional evidence is obtained. A dismissal following a rehearing is final and with prejudice.

(c) The Hearing Officer shall notify the Party in writing, by certified or registered mail, of the decision and, if adverse, shall advise the Party of the right to an administrative appeal to the Maritime Administrator or an individual designated by the Administrator from that decision.

(d) If an appeal is not filed within the prescribed time, the decision of the Hearing Officer constitutes final agency action in the case.