Title 46

SECTION 221.79

221.79 Request for confidential treatment.

§ 221.79 Request for confidential treatment.

(a) In addition to information treated as confidential under § 221.77 of this subpart, a request for confidential treatment of a document or portion thereof may be made by the Person supplying the information on the basis that the information is -

(1) Confidential financial information, trade secrets, or other material exempt from disclosure by the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. 552);

(2) Required to be held in confidence by 18 U.S.C. 1905; or

(3) Otherwise exempt by law from disclosure.

(b) The Person desiring confidential treatment must submit the request to the Hearing Officer in writing and the reasons justifying nondisclosure. The Hearing Officer shall forward any request for confidential treatment to the appropriate official of the Maritime Administration for a determination hereon. Failure to make a timely request may result in a document being considered as nonconfidential and subject to release.

(c) Confidential material shall not be considered by the Hearing Officer in reaching a decision unless -

(1) It has been furnished by a Party; or

(2) It has been furnished pursuant to a subpoena.