Title 46

SECTION 172.230

172.230 Character of damage.

§ 172.230 Character of damage.

(a) Design calculations must show that each vessel can survive damage -

(1) To any location between adjacent main transverse watertight bulkheads;

(2) To any location between a main transverse bulkhead and a partial transverse bulkhead in way of a side wing tank;

(3) To a main or wing tank transverse watertight bulkhead spaced closer than the longitudinal extent of collision penetration specified in Table 172.235 to another main transverse watertight bulkhead; and

(4) To a main transverse watertight bulkhead or a transverse watertight bulkhead bounding a side tank or double bottom tank if there is a step or a recess in the transverse bulkhead that is longer than 10 feet (3.05 meters) and that is located within the extent of penetration of assumed damage. The step formed by the after peak bulkhead and after peak tank top is not a step for the purpose of this paragraph.