Title 46

SECTION 163.002-17

163.002-17 Instructions and marking.

§ 163.002-17 Instructions and marking.

(a) Instruction plates or placards. Each pilot hoist must have instructions that show its method of operation and lubrication of its working parts. The instructions must be on one or more corrosion-resistant plates, or must be weatherproof placards. The instructions must be attached to the hoist. Each instruction must be in English or must have understandable symbols or pictograms. The operator of the hoist must be able to see and read the operating instructions when operating the hoist control lever. The lubricating instructions must state the recommended lubricants for the temperature range in which the hoist is designed to operate. The temperature range must be stated in both degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit.

(b) Marking of controls. Each control on a pilot hoist and each position of the control must be identified by a marking on the hoist.

(c) Marking of gauges. Each gauge on a pilot hoist must be marked with its normal operating range.

(d) Manual. Each pilot hoist must have a manual of installation instructions, operating instructions, maintenance and repair instructions, a lubrication chart, a parts list, a list of sources of repair parts, and a log for keeping maintenance records. Each manual must be in English.