Title 45


617.9 Complaints.

§ 617.9 Complaints.

(a) Any person, individually or as a member of a class or on behalf of others, may file a complaint with NSF, alleging discrimination prohibited by the Act. A complainant shall file a complaint within 180 days from the date the complainant first had knowledge of the alleged act of discrimination. However, for good cause shown, NSF may extend this time limit.

(b) NSF will accept as a sufficient complaint, any written statement which identifies the parties involved and the date the complainant first had knowledge of the alleged violation, describes generally the action or practice complained of, and is signed by the complainant. If an insufficient complaint is amended within 10 working days after notice by NSF to the complainant of the deficiency, NSF will consider the amended complaint as filed on the date the original insufficient complaint was filed for purposes of determining if it was timely filed. However, all other time requirements established by the Act and this part shall run from the date the amended complaint was filed.

(c) On receipt of any complaint NSF shall promptly send written acknowledgement to the complainant, and a copy of the complaint to the recipient. In addition, NSF shall send either copies of this part or other pertinent information describing the rights and obligations of the parties.

(d) NSF will return to the complainant any complaint outside the coverage of this part, and will state why it is outside the coverage of this part.