Title 45

SECTION 2556.350

2556.350 What matters are considered grievances

§ 2556.350 What matters are considered grievances?

(a) Under the VISTA program grievance procedure, grievances are matters of concern, brought by a VISTA, that arise out of, and directly affect, the VISTA's service situation or that arise out of a violation of a policy, practice, or regulation governing the terms or conditions of the VISTA's service, such that the violation results in the denial or infringement of a right or benefit to the VISTA member.

(b) Matters not within the definition of a grievance as defined in paragraph (a) of this section are not grievable, and therefore, are excluded from the VISTA program grievance procedure. Though not exhaustive, examples of matters excluded from the VISTA program grievance procedure are:

(1) Those matters related to a sponsor's or project's continuance or discontinuance; the number of VISTAs assigned to a VISTA project; the increases or decreases in the level of support provided to a VISTA project; the suspension or termination of a VISTA project; or the selection or retention of VISTA project staff.

(2) Those matters for which a separate administrative procedure or complaint process is provided, such as early termination for cause, claims of discrimination during service, and federal worker's compensation claims filed for illness or injury sustained in the course of carrying out VISTA activities.

(3) Those matters related to any law, published rule, regulation, policy, or procedure.

(4) Those matters related to housing during a VISTA member's service.

(5) Those matters which are, by law, subject to final administrative review outside CNCS.

(6) Those matters related to actions taken, or not taken, by a VISTA sponsor or subrecipient, or CNCS, in compliance with or in order to fulfill the terms of a contract, grant, or other agreement related to the VISTA program.

(7) Those matters related to the internal management of CNCS, unless such matters are shown to specifically and directly affect the VISTA's service situation or terms or conditions of his or her VISTA service.