Title 45

SECTION 1110.2

1110.2 Application of part.

§ 1110.2 Application of part.

This part applies to any program for which Federal financial assistance is authorized under a law administered by the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for Humanities, or the Institute of Museum and Library Services, including the types of Federal financial assistance listed in appendix A of this part. It applies to money paid, property transferred, or other Federal financial assistance extended after the effective date of the part, including assistance pursuant to an application approved prior to such date. It also applies to federal financial assistance extended to any such program prior to the effective date of this part under a contract or grant where the term of the contract or grant continues beyond such date or where the assistance was to provide real or personal property and the recipient or his transferee continues to use or retain ownership or possession of the property (see § 1110.4(a)(1)). This part does not apply to (a) any Federal financial assistance by way of insurance or guaranty contract, (b) any assistance to any individual who is the ultimate beneficiary under any such program, or (c) any employment practice, under any such program, of any employer, employment agency, or labor organization, except to the extent described in § 1110.3. The fact that a type of Federal financial assistance is not listed in appendix A shall not mean, if title VI of the Act is otherwise applicable, that a program is not covered. Other types of Federal financial assistance under statutes now in force or hereinafter enacted may be added to this list by notice published in the Federal Register.

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