Title 43

SECTION 429.26

429.26 When may Reclamation reduce or waive costs or fees

§ 429.26 When may Reclamation reduce or waive costs or fees?

(a) As determined appropriate and approved and documented by the applicable Regional Director, the application fees may be waived, and charges for administrative costs or use fees may be waived or reduced as indicated by a ✓ in the following table:

Situations where costs and fees may be reduced or waived Application fee Administrative costs Use fee
(1) The use is a courtesy to a foreign government or if comparable fees are set on a reciprocal basis with a foreign government
(2) The use is so minor or short term that the cost of collecting fees is equal to or greater than the value of the use
(3) The use will benefit the general public with no specific entity or group of beneficiaries readily identifiable
(4) Applicant is a public entity or Indian tribe
(5) Applicant is a non-profit or educational entity and the use provides a general public benefit
(6) Applicant is a rural electric association or municipal utility or cooperative
(7) The use directly supports United States' programs or projects
(8) The use secures a reciprocal land use of equal or greater value to the United States
(9) Applicant for a consent document is the underlying owner of the property subject to Reclamation's easement ( 1)
(10) The use is issued under competitive bidding ( 2)

1 Not applicable.

2 Set by Bid.

(b) When a statute, executive order, or court order authorizes the use and requires specific treatment of administrative cost recovery and collection of use fees associated with that use, that requirement will be followed by Reclamation.