Title 43


Title 43 - Public Lands: Interior--Volume 1

43:1  Public Lands: Interior--Volume 1
43:1.1Subtitle A - Office of the Secretary of the Interior
      PARTS 1 - 199
43:      General Information [SUBJGRP]
43:      Responsibilities of Requesters [SUBJGRP]
43:      Responsibility of the Department [SUBJGRP]
43:      Responsibilities of Employees [SUBJGRP]
43:      Scope of Subpart; Definitions [SUBJGRP]
43:      General Rules Applicable to Proceedings on Appeal Before the Interior Board of Indian Appeals [SUBJGRP]
43:      Appeals to the Board of Indian Appeals in Probate Matters [SUBJGRP]
43:      Appeals to the Board of Indian Appeals from Administrative Actions of Officials of the Bureau of Indian Affairs: Administrative Review in Other Indian Matters Not Relating to Probate Proceedings [SUBJGRP]
43:      White Earth Reservation Land Settlement Act of 1985; Authority of Administrative Judges; Determinations of the Heirs of Persons Who Died Entitled to Compensation [SUBJGRP]
43:      Appeals Procedures [SUBJGRP]
43:      Appeals Procedures; General [SUBJGRP]
43:      appeals to the board of land appeals [SUBJGRP]
43:      Hearings Procedures [SUBJGRP]
43:      hearings on appeals involving questions of fact [SUBJGRP]
43:      Grazing Procedures (Inside and Outside Grazing Districts) [SUBJGRP]
43:      General Provisions [SUBJGRP]
43:      Information Required From Applicants [SUBJGRP]
43:      Procedures for Considering Applications [SUBJGRP]
43:      General [SUBJGRP]
43:      Designation and Responsibilities of Administrative Law Judge [SUBJGRP]
43:      Appearance and Practice [SUBJGRP]
43:      Form and Filing of Documents [SUBJGRP]
43:      Procedures [SUBJGRP]
43:      Prehearing [SUBJGRP]
43:      Hearing [SUBJGRP]
43:      Posthearing Procedures [SUBJGRP]
43:      General Provisions [SUBJGRP]
43:      Representatives [SUBJGRP]
43:      Document Filing and Service [SUBJGRP]
43:      ALJ's Powers, Unavailability, Disqualification, and Communications [SUBJGRP]
43:      Motions [SUBJGRP]
43:      Prior Decisions [SUBJGRP]
43:      Hearing Process [SUBJGRP]
43:      Docketing, Intervention, Prehearing Conferences, and Summary Decision [SUBJGRP]
43:      Information Disclosure [SUBJGRP]
43:      Hearing, Briefing, and Recommended Decision [SUBJGRP]
43:      General Provisions [SUBJGRP]
43:      Evidentiary Hearings [SUBJGRP]
43:      Discovery [SUBJGRP]
43:      Petitions for Review of Proposed Assessments of Civil Penalties [SUBJGRP]
43:      Review of Section 521 Notices of Violation and Orders of Cessation [SUBJGRP]
43:      Expedited Review of Section 521(a)(2) or 521(a)(3) Orders of Cessation [SUBJGRP]
43:      Proceedings for Suspension or Revocation of Permits Under Section 521(a)(4) of the Act [SUBJGRP]
43:      Applications for Review of Alleged Discriminatory Acts Under Section 703 of the Act [SUBJGRP]
43:      Applications for Temporary Relief [SUBJGRP]
43:      Appeals to the Board From Decisions or Orders of Administrative Law Judges [SUBJGRP]
43:      Appeals to the Board From Decisions of the Office of Surface Mining [SUBJGRP]
43:      Petitions for Award of Costs and Expenses Under Section 525(e) of the Act [SUBJGRP]
43:      Petitions for Review of Proposed Individual Civil Penalty Assessments Under Section 518(f) of the Act [SUBJGRP]
43:      Request for Hearing on a Preliminary Finding Concerning a Demonstrated Pattern of Willful Violations Under Section 510(c) of the Act, 30 U.S.C. 1260(c) (Federal Program; Federal Lands Program; Federal Program for Indian Lands) [SUBJGRP]
43:      Request for Review of Approval or Disapproval of Applications for New Permits, Permit Revisions, Permit Renewals, the Transfer, Assignment or Sale of Rights Granted Under Permit (Federal Program; Federal Lands Program; Federal Program for Indian Lands) and for Coal Exploration Permits (Federal Program) [SUBJGRP]
43:      Review of OSM Decisions Proposing To Suspend or Rescind or Suspending or Rescinding Improvidently Issued Permits [SUBJGRP]
43:      Review of Office of Surface Mining Written Decisions Concerning Ownership or Control Challenges [SUBJGRP]
43:      Request for Review of OSM Determinations of Issues Under 30 CFR Part 761 (Federal Program; Federal Lands Program; Federal Program for Indian Lands) [SUBJGRP]
43:      General [SUBJGRP]
43:      Standards for Determining Age Discrimination [SUBJGRP]
43:      Duties of DOI Recipients [SUBJGRP]
43:      Investigation, Conciliation, and Enforcement Procedures [SUBJGRP]
43:      Notice [SUBJGRP]
43:      Depositions, Discovery, and Prehearing Conference [SUBJGRP]
43:      Hearings [SUBJGRP]
43:      Decisions in Formal Proceedings [SUBJGRP]
43:      General Information [SUBJGRP]
43:      Payments to Local Governments Containing Entitlement Lands [SUBJGRP]
43:      Payments to Local Governments for Interest in Lands in the Redwood National Park or Lake Tahoe Basin [SUBJGRP]
43:      State and Local Governments' Responsibilities After the Department Distributes Payments [SUBJGRP]
43:      Representatives [SUBJGRP]
43:      Document Filing and Service [SUBJGRP]
43:      Initiation of Hearing Process [SUBJGRP]
43:      General Provisions Related to Hearings [SUBJGRP]
43:      Prehearing Conferences and Discovery [SUBJGRP]
43:      Hearing, Briefing, and Decision [SUBJGRP]
43:      Submitting a Request [SUBJGRP]
43:      Public Comments and Responses to Public Comments [SUBJGRP]
43:      The Secretary's Decision [SUBJGRP]
43:1.2Subtitle B - Regulations Relating to Public Lands
      PARTS 400 - 999
      PARTS 400 - 999
43:      General Provisions [SUBJGRP]
43:      Conditions of Water Delivery [SUBJGRP]
43:      Monitoring Diversions [SUBJGRP]
43:      Operations and Management [SUBJGRP]
43:      Enforcement [SUBJGRP]
43:      Water Management and Conservation [SUBJGRP]
43:      Implementation [SUBJGRP]
43:      Responsibilities [SUBJGRP]
43:      Program Requirements [SUBJGRP]