Title 43

SECTION 3503.38

3503.38 How does BLM compute my acreage holdings

§ 3503.38 How does BLM compute my acreage holdings?

(a) The maximum acreage in any one state refers to the acres you hold under a permit or lease on either public domain lands or acquired lands. Acquired lands and public domain lands are counted separately, so you may hold up to the maximum acreage of each at the same time. For example, one person could hold 20,000 acres under phosphate leases for public domain lands and 20,000 acres under phosphate leases for acquired lands at the same time.

(b) If your permit or lease is for fractional interest lands, BLM will charge your acreage holdings for a share which is proportionate to the United States' ownership interest. For example, if the United States holds a 25% interest in 200 acres, you will be charged with 50 acres (200 × .25).

(c) BLM will not charge any acreage in a future interest lease against your acreage limitations until the date the permit or lease takes effect.

(d) If you own stock in a corporation or a beneficial interest in an association which holds a lease or permit, your acreage will include your proportionate part of the corporation's or association's share of the total lease or permit acreage. This only applies if you own more than 10 percent of the corporate stock or beneficial interest of the association.