Title 43

PART 3500 SUBPART 3503

Subpart 3503 - Areas Available for Leasing

43: 114
Available Areas Under BLM Management
43: 3503.10
   3503.10 Are all Federal lands available for leasing under this part
43: 3503.11
   3503.11 Are there any other areas in which I cannot get a permit or lease for the minerals covered by this part
43: 3503.12
   3503.12 For what areas may I receive a sulphur permit or lease
43: 3503.13
   3503.13 For what areas may I receive a hardrock mineral permit or lease
43: 3503.14
   3503.14 For what areas may I get a permit or lease for asphalt
43: 3503.15
   3503.15 May I lease the gold or silver reserved to the United States on land I hold under a private land claim in New Mexico
43: 3503.16
   3503.16 May I obtain permits or leases for sand and gravel in Nevada under the terms of this part
43: 115
Available Areas Managed by Others
43: 3503.20
   3503.20 What if another Federal agency manages the lands I am interested in
43: 3503.21
   3503.21 What happens if the surface of the land I am interested in belongs to a non-Federal political subdivision or charitable organization
43: 3503.25
   3503.25 When may BLM issue permits and leases for Federal minerals underlying private surface
43: 3503.28
   3503.28 Does BLM incorporate any special requirements to protect the lands and resources
43: 116
Land Descriptions
43: 3503.30
   3503.30 How should I describe surveyed lands or lands shown on protraction or amended protraction diagrams in states which are part of the Public Land Survey System
43: 3503.31
   3503.31 How should I describe lands in states which are part of the Public Land Survey System but have not been surveyed and are not shown on a protraction or amended protraction diagram
43: 3503.32
   3503.32 How should I describe acquired lands
43: 3503.33
   3503.33 Will BLM issue me a lease for unsurveyed lands
43: 117
Acreage Amounts
43: 3503.36
   3503.36 Are there any size or shape limitations on the lands I can apply for
43: 3503.37
   3503.37 Is there a limit to the acreage of lands I can hold under permits and leases
43: 3503.38
   3503.38 How does BLM compute my acreage holdings
43: 118
Filing Applications
43: 3503.40
   3503.40 Where do I file my permit or lease application and other necessary documents
43: 3503.41
   3503.41 Will BLM disclose information I submit under these regulations
43: 3503.42
   3503.42 When I submit confidential, proprietary information, how can I help ensure it is not available to the public
43: 3503.43
   3503.43 How long will information I give BLM remain confidential or proprietary
43: 3503.44
   3503.44 How will BLM treat Indian information submitted under the Indian Mineral Development Act
43: 3503.45
   3503.45 How will BLM administer information concerning other Indian minerals
43: 3503.46
   3503.46 When will BLM consult with Indian mineral owners when information concerning their minerals is the subject of a FOIA request