Title 43

SECTION 2911.2-2

2911.2-2 Applications.

§ 2911.2-2 Applications.

(a) Each application shall clearly describe the lands applied for by legal subdivisions and/or by metes and bounds and contain a plan of development and use signed by the applicant or by a duly authorized agent or officer of the applicant. When required by the authorized officer, the application shall include copies of the appropriate State, county, or municipal airport licenses or permits, as well as such additional States and local clearances as may be required.

(b) Each application shall be accompanied by a non-refundable filing fee of $100. Each applicant shall also be required to pay the cost of publication of a Notice of Reality Action in the Federal Register and a newspaper of general circulation in the area in which the lands are located.

(c) If approval of an application results in cancellation of a grazing permit of lease or a reduction in grazing acreage, the provisions of § 4110.4-2 of this title shall apply.