Title 43

SECTION 2450.5

2450.5 Administrative review.

§ 2450.5 Administrative review.

(a) For a period of 30 days after service thereof upon all parties in interest, the initial classification decision of the State Director shall be subject to the exercise of supervisory authority by the Secretary of the Interior for the purpose of administrative review.

(b) If, 30 days from receipt by parties in interest of the initial decision of the State Director, the Secretary has not either on his own motion, or motion of any protestant, petitioner-applicant, or the State Director, exercised supervisory authority for review, the initial classification decision shall become the final order of the Secretary.

(c) The exercise of supervisory authority by the Secretary shall automatically vacate the initial classification decision and the final Departmental decision shall be issued by the Secretary of the Interior and served upon all parties in interest.

(d) No petitioner-applicant or protestant to a proposed classification decision of a State Director to whom the provisions of this section are applicable shall be entitled to any administrative review other than that provided by this section or to appeal under provisions of parts 1840 and 1850 of this chapter.