Title 43

SECTION 2450.4

2450.4 Protests: Initial classification decision.

§ 2450.4 Protests: Initial classification decision.

(a) For a period of 30 days after the proposed classification decision has been served upon the parties listed in § 2450.3(a), protests thereto may be filed by an interested party with the State Director. No particular form of protest is required under this subparagraph, it being the intent of this procedure to afford the State Director the opportunity to review the proposed classification decision in the light of such protests.

(b) If no protests are filed within the time allowed, the proposed classification action shall be issued as the initial classification decision of the State Director, and shall be served on the petitioner-applicants and upon grazing permittees, licensees, or lessees.

(c) If protests are timely filed, they shall be reviewed by the State Director, who may require statements or affidavits, take testimony, or conduct further field investigations as are deemed necessary to establish the facts. At the conclusion of such review, the State Director shall issue an initial classification decision, either revised or as originally proposed, which shall be served on all interested parties.